We believe that in order to become healthier, fitter, and more in control of LIFE, you have to change your lifestyle through a series of personal measures.


Nutrition – It’s a fact that most people do not know what to eat. See if you can identify with the following;

  • You decide to start eating healthily and make some dietary changes but yet still do not feel well.
  • Even though you have cut calories you’re not losing weight.
  • You feel hungry all of the time.
  • You get sugar cravings that won’t go away.

If these sound familiar it is because in order to change the way you eat, you have to be educated about the physiology of your body. At RK Cardiology Healthy Living we educate our clients about food and what it is doing to your body. We recommend precise portions based on YOUR own exact personal body composition, and teach you how to change your eating patterns.


Health – See if you can identify with the following symptoms, or have the following health issues;

  • Acid Reflux
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue or constant tiredness
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Skin Rash
  • Mood swings
  • Intolerance to gluten or lactose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Fatty Liver
  • Joint / Knee pains

These are just a few of the symptoms and health issues that we have succeeded in eliminating At RK Cardiology Healthy Living we look at the body from the inside out and provide the correct dietary plan to assist in reversing these symptoms and illnesses.


ALL of our programs are medically monitored by a Consultant Cardiologist.


Emotion – Did you know that it’s possible to change your mood and become happier, feel more fulfilled, and in control just by changing what you eat?  At RK Cardiology Healthy Living we show you the way to take control back into your life Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically. When you change your diet, and switch to a nutrient dense dietary plan, and take the correct portions for your specific requirements everything changes

  • Your mood improves
  • You feel more in control
  • You feel happier and healthier

And, if you have more control over what you are eating, this naturally transcends into other compartments of your life. There are psychological elements to our program also. We all each have the same neural pathway, thinking the same thoughts, and all of us have similar beliefs. We create a proven Health Intervention deep into a person’s thought pattern, and make them feel differently about how they are currently living their life. And if you change your mind, you suddenly change your life. It is possible to HEAL from within.

All plans and programs with RK Cardiology Healthy Living are based on individual assessment. Hence there are different price ranges available.

We have payment plans for each program tailored to your personal financial circumstances.

The length of programs vary, again based on individual assessment and requirement We have a wide spectrum of people on our programs.

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups, Including Corporate Groups

All programs are on a one to one weekly completely private consultation. Our team also monitor and follow up constantly with the client by phone, email or text. Clients can also be seen online.

We have a 98% success rate for patients losing at least 10% body weight within 2 months of our program. In several cases clients have lost up to 25% of their body weight and sustained this at 6 months follow up.

We offer online and face to face follow up for all patients at quarterly intervals.

Many of our clients have established medical conditions such as heart, vascular, lung, cancer diseases. We closely supervise their program and have achieved significant improvements in physical and mental wellbeing, weight, reduction in medication needs especially with blood pressure and cholesterol. We have also been able to reverse diabetes, reduce insulin requirements and to reduce need for several patients to go for bariatric surgery.

Our Healthy Living program is available to everyone with or without medical conditions. A letter from your doctor or specialist is required in medical patients. We will closely communicate and update them on your progress.