Dr Robert Kelly MD MBA FRCPI

Consultant Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine. Author, public speaker and Health Coach.

He believes that we can all live long healthy and happy lives by looking after ourselves. Having practiced as a Cardiologist for over 20 years he continues to encounter two main groups of patients: those with concerns for having heart disease and those who already have it. In both situations a comprehensive assessment includes both cardiology and lifestyle risks.

Treatments for some may include stents, surgery, medications and lifestyle interventions are provided to every case. Some patients need attention with eating, moving, stress, sleep, and smoking, others need one or two of these risks attended to.

Kelly strongly advocates lifestyle interventions based on a wealth of evidence based studies showing reversal of diabetes, improvements in BP control, management of lipids., stress reduction and sleep improvements that reduce heart attack, stroke  and cancer risks. Other trials have showed that lifestyle intervention can reverse coronary disease and some cancers. 80% of chronic diseases are lifestyle driven. Changing your life style can save your life.

He has trained and worked in Cardiology all over the world in USA, UK and Europe. He has published over 50 papers in peer reviewed journals, presented at International meetings. He is recipient of several distinguished awards, prizes and grants for his work in Cardiology. He is an associate professor of Cardiology at UCD Beacon Hospital. He is a Fellow of American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology and Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.

He has an MBA with interest in using disruptive business models to improve healthcare for patients. This also includes use of similar technologies such as wearable devices, monitors and telehealth. He can see patients on line as well as in person.

Dr Kelly is the Lead clinical representative for Ireland at European Lifestyle Medicine Organization. He is a member of the American College Of Lifestyle Medicine. He has completed training programs on Lifestyle Medicine and Mind Body Health at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. He co-owns RK Cardiology Healthy Living (along with a Lead Nutritionist Health coach), a  team delivered service for any individual/ patient to improve health and wellbeing through nutrition management programs.  The team includes nutritionists, exercise and yoga trainer and psychologist.

His special focus in cardiology is to cure more patients of heart disease through medical and lifestyle interventions.

He is Fellow of Faculty of Sport and Exercise medicine and is clinical lead on physical activity is medicine initiative to encourage physician self-care and greater patient adoption of healthy lifestyle.

He has 5 clinics around Ireland to see patients. These are available to anyone who has concerns about heart health, risk for strokes or any chronic diseases and for those who just want advice or help to manage their health or lifestyle issues. He does talks for corporates, schools, the public and organizes lifestyle medicine programs for corporate health + wellness and for health & human performance improvement in people with medical conditions.

He has regularly written for several Irish journals and newspapers, been interviewed on national and local radio and television on all matters related to heart health and lifestyle.

Martina Gallivan


I have been practicing weight management for several years focusing on nutritionally dense individually tailored healthy eating plans for clients based on specific body composition.

We all have a tendency to relate weight gain purely to what we eat and rarely consider psychological or external influences. Extensive experience in the field has proven to me that we’re led by certain triggers hence our behaviors largely influence the way we eat.

RK Cardiology Healthy Living was formulated by Dr Kelly and I because we shared a combined passion and belief that lifestyle related illnesses could be reduced or reversed through the correct dietary plan and most importantly without the requirement to purchase additional supplements or foods.

The basis of our four-quadrant lifestyle intervention program is founded on nutritional dietary changes, positive behavioural change, internal wellbeing and exercise.

Our program has had great success and there have been many examples of patients who have not only reduced their medication but also have experienced positive results in the way of illnesses.